About Us

“RANDHAWA INSTITUTE” is a renowned, esteemed and one of   the   leading Institute, which provide ample opportunities to   the   students   and   people   across   the   globe.   Founded   in   year   2001, RANDHAWA INSTITUTE aims   to provide expertise consultancy  to people who wishes   to go abroad in their desired land & giving one step solution to the students to study overseas. , RANDHAWA INSTITUTE works as a pavement for them to fulfill their desires in countries like   NEW ZEALAND, CANADA, as well as Providing clients with highest   level of Customer Services to deliver the results. Our company is one of the leading & esteemed organizations, who are engaged in student visas as well as Competitive exam preparation services.  RANDHAWA INSTITUTE aims to   provide   expert   advice   to   people interested   in   migrating     or   studying abroad .We help our students to decide their career by guiding  them  for right  College, University   &   the suitable course for   which   will   help   them   design their  career  in an  excellent  way. The emphasis of our firm is an achievement to our client’s dreams in very  less  time and cost.  Our firm value time, money &  trust of  our company &  its experienced,  expertise,  dedicated staff’s credibility and skills.

Visa procedures are not easy for getting abroad on any basis but   just a small mistake can  lead  to  rejections  and  refusals.  At” RANDHAWA INSTITUTE” our  skilled expertise   and professionals  provides   you  an  expert   immigration  advice   and  attention in various   fields  which helps   our   clients’   to   choose   from different  options to pursue a bright future ahead in the desired field and country.


Our    mission is     to     provide     the best   expertise,   friendly,   confidential,   and  Professional   services at an affordable cost that   satisfies   a   clients needs. Furthermore, “We believe we expertise our skills and that reveals up as our clients success”RANDHAWA INSTITUTE LITERAL APPROACH

We give personal, detailed and expert attention for the processing of our client’s visa files so to get outstanding results.


To acquire the best mutability through 3d’s {DEDICATION, DETERMINATION & DEVOTION}. Our hard work shows our credibility.” Sky is not the limit & all things are possible who believe that we are limited not by Abilities,  nor by Vision”.  Keep your dreams alive, understand to achieve anything requires Faith and Belief in yourself.

1. To exercise complete honesty in all our committed dealings.

2. To treat all our clients with an affirmative respect and strive to meet   their particular needs.

3. To safeguard the interests of our clients by not taking the advantage of their situations.

4. To keep them fully informed about the regular changing / updating of visa policies, rules and regulations.

5. To inform our clients clearly of what they may expect from us and what we expect from them, before the client makes any kind of payment.

6. To keep all the information confidential and mephitic provided to us by our clients.

7. Handling of documents.

8. Filing of visa applications

9. Valuable/Positive Presentation of visa files.

10. Tracking your visa application status on routine basis.

11.  Achieve the highest level of professional excellence in serving our clients.

12.  Provide prompt and responsive service.

13.    Exceed client’s expectations by providing the highest quality of customer services.

14.  Adhere to the highest Ethical, Moral, Legal standards in our business.

15.  Maintain long-term client relationships by providing honest superior services.

16.  Leeds our industry with Integrity, Honesty, Team Work and Innovation.

17.  Strive to be Fair, Honest, Courteous and professional in all dealings.


We have also Education Institute for programs like

TOEFL, IELTS, IIT – JEE, AIEEE, AIPMT, JET, NDA, CAT etc. We also prepare our students for all medical and engineering exams and board exams like CBSE, PSEB, ICSE etc.  Also, we are pioneer institution of English Language.


The   RANDHAWA INSTITUTE    is   a   company   which   respects    the   business   ethics applicable universally   and   our   motto’s    is    to   proclaim   quality   education facilities   and   better   career prospectus to our students.  Further, we envisaged  genuine and better students  for  the  respective  institutions.  Our companies has worldwide networks and are committed in ensuring most appropriate & only the most   suitable   and   highest   standards   of   students   for   different   International  Colleges  and Universities   to ensure   that   the  reputation of  RANDHAWA INSTITUTE  is  enhanced till core.  This is definitely a milestone of RANDHAWA INSTITUTE.


Our Dedicated, Enthusiastic team of professionals ensures that every client is well served and is recognized   for their responsiveness and flexibility. Our employees are well versed in providing professional counseling in areas of education abroad. Our company’s motto is Customer satisfaction and we believe we expertise our skills and that reveals up as our clients success.


1. Free Counseling/Assessment.

2. Face to face consultation regarding your cases questionnaire and cases.

3. Case filing with Vulnerable Representation according to the High Commission   Requirements.

4. Case details follow up and regular updates for the filed cases.

5. Pre-departure briefing.

6. Post landing services.

7. Admission formalities.

8. Suggesting appropriate institutions, colleges and universities.

9. Future prospects of the courses enrolled.

10. Accommodation.

11. Scholarships Help.

12. Education Loans advice.

13. Up gradated information regarding visa process.

14. Visa Formalities.

15. Travel Arrangements.


Making right  choice of   immigrating  to a particular country  is  imperative  to a satisfying  future,  our dedicated and  first  hand experienced  team understands your needs very well and we make sure that our every clients are   well served and provided personalized attention, keeping in view of individual profile and

professional market scenario.  We guide and assist you to make the best career choice.


The free visa eligibility assessment is designed to determine if you are eligible to apply for a particular visa. The assessment takes only few minutes to complete & easy to follow. The questionnaires in assessment have been specially designed

to act as a preliminary test for you to see if you meet the requirements for your visa. You should not rely on this, result alone as a true indication of your ability to   apply   for  migration  to   a   specific   country.  You must   fill up the personal representation/visa eligibility form very elliptically/carefully to help us assess your case efficiently.


This   service   gives   you   the   opportunity   to meet   on   one   of   our   registered Consultant/professional   to assist you with the immigration &visa advice.  Our migration professional   can  give   you  legal/emblematic   consultation  regarding  your visa application.

After meeting our experienced professional you will gain peace of mind and answers to all your questionnaire and enquiries.


Telephonic consultation service enables you to contact our office and talk to one of   our   registered migration   professional,   as   the migration   process   can   be complicated,   it   is   strongly recommended that you speak to our professional migration consultant.

Our professionals will ensure that you understand your obligations under any particular visa category and give you and advice to improve your chances of success in migrating to a particular country.

We duly import support to our clients in every step, right from the prim to the pro’s,  either  from  training programmes of   learning  languages  to all   the other processes.

We  RANDHAWA INSTITUTE  always  walk  along with you.  Our  wise   executives  will  every guidance &help to you in each procedure to follow and when so that  our client   feels complete  relax while migrating  to  their  tempting desired land.

Mr. Gurvinder Singh Randhawa- Director  

B.Sc(N.M), M.Sc(Maths), M.Sc(Comp.Sc)
INDIA- 144102
MB NO: 09815257506

Mr. Randhawa  was born & bred up in India